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Služby, ktoré poskytujeme

We are a progressive company in the world of recycling materials on the market since 2012 with a lot of experience and successful projects.
We build the core of our business on high-quality technology top recycling machines.

Waste management

Our team will arrange for the collection of all waste recyclables from the plant with prompt transportation to the recycling site.

Plastic crushers

In most cases we use shredders for the purpose of crushing materials such as: PP, PP GF, HDPE, ABS, PA 6, PA 6.6, PET

Production of granulate

The production of granulates from waste material is always tailored to the client's requirements.

Protected workshops

In our sheltered workshops, people clean various materials, work on dismantling equipment and other jobs. Often these are recyclable composite materials that are difficult to dismantle.

Cleaning services

We provide cleaning services in plants during full operation such as industrial cleaning of halls, garbage collection, etc...

Personal leasing

We also provide manpower in various sectors of manufacturing plants, where we can instantly provide the necessary workers.

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